Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lemon Crinkle Cookie

I've never made a cookie before that had lemon in it so when I came across this one I though I might as well give it a try :) Although they didn't turn out exactly like the picture visually, I thought they tasted really good, and the rest of my family agreed! They taste like a sugar cookie, but with lemon too.
Adapted from LDS Living website

Lemon Crinkle Cookies
Makes 2-3 dozen

½ cups butter, softened
1 cup granulated sugar
½ teaspoons vanilla extract
1 whole egg
1 teaspoon lemon zest
1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice
¼ teaspoons salt
¼ teaspoons baking powder
⅛ teaspoons baking soda
1-½ cup all-purpose flour
½ cups powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease light colored baking sheets with non-stick cooking spray and set aside.

In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Whip in vanilla, egg, lemon zest, and juice. Scrape sides and mix again. Stir in all dry ingredients slowly until just combined, excluding the powdered sugar. Scrape sides of bowl and mix again briefly. Pour powdered sugar onto a large plate. Roll a heaping teaspoon of dough into a ball and roll in powdered sugar. Place on baking sheet and repeat with remaining dough.

Bake for 9-11 minutes or until bottoms begin to barely brown and cookies look matte {not melty or shiny}. Remove from oven and cool cookies about 3 minutes before transferring to cooling rack.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Last weekend my hubby and I went to the big city of Regina for an evening without kids. I have been wanting to take Randy out to this little place I've eaten at before called Siam-authentic Thai restaurant. It is just so good... Words cannot describe how good everything is! We had "Mieng Guay Teaw" (wrap noodle) for our appy,( pictured on the top left ) Randy had the Shrimp Pad Thai (bottom picture)  and I had my favorite, Green curry chicken. If you are in Regina, I highly recommend trying it out. Also, for the amount of food and the quality of food, it is a very reasonable price... For the 2 of us to eat there, with left overs to bring home too, it was just over $30. Here is a picture of everything we had there:

Here is the link to their site for directions and you can download a full menu as well: Siam

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cranberry Lemon Oat Bars

My husband is a big fan of when I saw this recipe I thought I'd give it a try! An added bonus.... It's a lower calorie bar so you don't feel as guilty when you have a piece!

Calories:154 per bar... They say you should be able to get 20 bars out of this recipe.

From: Skinny Mom's Kitchen


1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup rolled oats
½ cup dark brown sugar
¼ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
6 tablespoons butter, melted
juice of one lemon

1 ⅓ cup dried cranberries
¾ cup sour cream
½ cup sugar
2 tablespoons white flour
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon lemon zest
1 large egg white, lightly beaten

Preheat oven to 325 degrees
- For the crust combine flour, oats, brown sugar, salt, baking soda, and cinnamon. Stir this mixture well using a whisk.
- Drizzle the butter over the dry mixture. Next add in the juice. Usinstirs loon, stir until the mixture becomes moist. Please note that it will be a bit crumbly.
- Reserve ½ cup of the crumb mixture. Press the rest of the crumb mixture into a 11 x 7 inch baking pan coated with cooking spray. **At first it will look like there is not enough mixture but once you start pressing it in you will see that it all fits perfectly. Let the crust sit for about 10 minutes. This will give the rolled oats a little time to soften up.
- For the filling, combine cranberries, sour cream, sugar, flour, vanilla extract, lemon zest, and egg white.
- Spread the filling over the crust then sprinkle the rest of the crumb mixture evenly on top.
- Cook for about 40 – 50 minutes or until edges are brown. Mine cooked for about 45 minutes. Cool the bars completely, in pan, before cutting.
This bar freezes well too so good to keep on hand!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Smoky Spice Rubbed Grilled Salmon with Black Beans & Corn

I found this recipe on Pinterest and knew I had to try it when I had the chance! It is delicious... A nice change from how we usually cook our salmon... And I really enjoyed the black beans & corn with it... I had sour cream & tostitos with the meal as well. Will be making this meal again for sure!

Adapted from  Skinnytaste


For the salmon:
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 1/2 tsp brown sugar
1/2 tsp chipotle chili powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
Juice of one lime
Olive oil spray
Lime wedge for serving

For the black beans & corn:
1 (15.5 oz) can black beans, drained and rinsed
2 cups frozen corn kernels
1/4 cup red onion, minced
3 Tbsp cilantro, finely minced
1 tsp olive oil
2 Tbsp lime juice
Salt, to taste


Combine all spices in a small bowl. Squeeze lime juice all over salmon then rub the spices to completely coat. Set aside to rest about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a large pan, heat oil over medium heat. Add onions and sauté for about 2 minutes, add beans, corn and salt and cook till heated thru, about 6-8 minutes. Remove from heat and toss in cilantro and lime juice. Makes 3 1/2 cups.

Heat BBQ or you can heat a lightly oiled grill pan on the stove top inside. When hot, grill salmon about 5 minutes on each side or until salmon is cooked through. Serve with black beans & corn.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Homemade Granola

Once you make this recipe you'll never buy granola at the store again! It's so easy to make and you can put whatever you like in it... Customize it to your liking :)
Adapted from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Cookbook

-2 cups quick cook oatmeal
-1 heaping cup of mixed nuts ( I just use the mixed nuts from the bulk section at Superstore )

-1/4 cup mixed seeds ( I use sunflower seeds & toasted hemp seeds ) I get our hemp seeds from friends of ours who grow it in Saskatchewan.. check out their site The Good Seed
-3/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
-1 tsp ground cinnamon
-1 1/2 cup dried fruit ( I like craisens, dried apples & dried apricots )
-5 Tbsp maple syrup or honey - I've done both and both are equally as good
-5 Tbsp olive oil

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F. Put your DRY granola ingredients in a bowl, not the dried fruit or liquid ingredients... Mix then spread on a baking sheet. Drizzle with oil & honey or syrup and stir again. Place pan in the preheated oven for 25-30 minutes. Every 5 minutes or so, take the granola out and stir it, then smooth down again and put back in the oven. While its toasting, roughly chop up the dried fruit to desired size. When granola is nice & golden, remove it from the oven, mix in the dried fruit, and let it cool down.
Once cooled, serve granola with milk, or yogurt... However you like to eat your granola!
To store: keep in an air tight container or bag for about 2 weeks.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chicken Korma

One of my fave curry dishes... This one has chickpea's and coconut milk in it... Serve over rice with Naan on the side. Adapted from Jamie's Food Revolution

1 3/4 pounds boneless & skinless chicken breasts
2 medium onions
Thumb sized piece of fresh ginger
(peeled and grated)
A small bunch of fresh cilantro
15 oz can of chickpeas aka garbanzo beans
Vegetable oil
Pat of butter
1/2 cup mild curry paste... If you prefer hotter, go with the spicier paste
( I use Patak's Curry paste which can be found at Superstore )
14 oz can of coconut milk
Small handful of sliced almonds
2 heaped Tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut
Salt & pepper
Garnishings: natural yogurt or plain Greek yogurt, fresh lemon wedges

Cut the chicken into about 1 inch pieces. Peel, halve, and finely slice onions. Chop the cilantro. Drain the chickpeas.
Put a large frying pan that has a lid on high heat and add oil. Add the onions, ginger, and cilantro with butter. Keep stirring so it doesn't burn but turns evenly golden. Cook for about 10 minutes. Add the curry paste, coconut milk, half the sliced almonds, the drained chickpeas, coconut and sliced chicken breasts. Half fill the empty chickpea can with water, pour into the pan, and stir again. Bring to boil, then turn the heat down and simmer for 30 minutes with the lid on. Check regularly to make sure it's not dried out, add more water if needed. When the chicken is cooked & tender, taste & season with salt & pepper. Serve over cooked rice.. Add a few spoonfuls of yogurt and sprinkle rest of almonds over top. Serve with lemon wedges to squeeze over curry.

Homemade Naan Bread

This bread is a must have with any Indian dish you make...

Adapted From Companies Coming "Year-Round Grilling"

Warm water - 1 cup
White sugar - 2 tsp
Yeast - 1 Tbsp

Stir warm water & sugar together in a small bowl until sugar is dissolved. Sprinkle yeast over top. Let stand for 10 minutes. Stir to dissolve yeast.

Milk - 3 Tbsp
Large egg-fork beaten - 1
Add milk & egg to yeast mixture. Stir.

All purpose flour - 4 1/4 cups
Salt - 1 1/2 tsp

                                              1/4-1/2 cup melted margarine (for brushing on)

Combine flour & salt in mixer bowl. Add yeast mixture. Mix till dough forms. It will seem like the dough is really tough, don't worry! Take dough out of bowl, knead for about 10 minutes on a lightly floured surface or until smooth. Grease the mixing bowl and then place dough back in, turn so top of dough is greased. Cover with waxed paper and a tea towel. Let stand in an oven with light on and door closed ( don't turn oven on ) for 1 hour till doubled in size.
Punch dough down. Knead for 1-2 minutes until smooth. Divide & shape into 12 balls. Arrange in single layer on a greased baking sheet. Cover with greased waxed paper. Let stand in oven with light on and door closed for about 30 minutes until doubled in size. Roll out 4 balls on a lightly floured surface to 8 inch diameter circles. Brush one side with melted margarine
Pre heat a pancake griddle to med-high heat. Once griddle is ready, place rolled out dough on the griddle, side with the margarine on it down. Brush the other side with melted margarine. You will get bubbles in the dough... These are pretty skinny so don't take long to cook.... I'd give it about a minute and a half each side... Flip and cook on the other side. Repeat with all 12 balls of dough. Keep warm in oven on a pan. I like to cut mine into 4 triangles and scoop up the curry and eat with my curry, or butter chicken...
There are a few ways to cook the naan, on the pancake griddle like we do... Or on the BBQ like the company's coming recipe book and I'm sure you could do it in a frying pan on the stove top.
At Indian resturants you can often get garlic naan... you could put minced garlic in with the melted margarine which you brush on and then you'd get the garlic naan... and we have sprinkled brown sugar and cinnamon on one side for a "dessert" naan before... It's seriously the best tasting food out there.. Best fresh!
Makes 12 Naan.