Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fish "Taco's"

I had never eaten fish taco's in my life until last summer when we were on Vancouver Island and went to Fishermans Warf in Victoria for lunch. I ordered one and was like "why have I not had one of these before???" they were delicious!!! This is my own version of the fish taco which I make at home... You can adapt it easily to what flavors you and your family enjoy. It's a quick to prepare and tasty meal you'll want to make often :) so there is really no "recipe" just a bunch of ingredients that you assemble into a wrap and eat! This is what I put into ours...
~ Broccoli slaw or Rainbow Salad which is like broccoli slaw but with cauliflower ( the kind you get in a bag from the store)
~ Italian dressing - I use Epicure Italian Dressing Seasoning and add a little more vinegar
• I usually combine the slaw and dressing like an hour before and put it in the fridge so the flavors really get in to the veggies.
~ Flour tortilla wraps
~ Shredded cheese
~ I like sour cream on mine too!
~ White fish ( I just get the frozen stuff from the store and it tastes fine... Tonight I used Tilapia.)
• so you need to cook the fish. Tonight I did it on the BBQ cause I think it makes it extra flavorful... I put the fish on a piece of tin foil and then on my grill mesh "pan" from Epicure ( I find it easier to transport to and from the BBQ on this) Put some margarine in with it... I added Epicure Red Garlic Sansel and some lemon pepper seasoning tonight... But you can cook the fish inside if you want to... And be as simple or extravagant with your seasoning as you like.. I have just done salt & pepper with a squeeze of fresh lime on the fish before and that was very tasty!

So now you have all your ingredients... You just need to assemble!!!
Fish takes just minutes to cook so I think this is a quick and easy meal to prepare. I have also had these with salmon before... I hope you try it with your family!!!

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