Sunday, March 11, 2012

BBQ Ribs

My husband is amazing. He is also the BBQ master in our house :) The temperature has been rising these past couple of days on the Prairies... So that means the BBQ's are being fired up :) Randy made me these ribs on the BBQ tonight... There isn't so much of a recipe as there is a "technique" that he uses... He used baby back pork ribs.... First he boils them in a big pot of water for about 45 minutes or so till they are fully cooked. Then he pre-heats the BBQ and then, as he is putting the ribs on the BBQ, puts a bunch of BBQ sauce on them. Since they are already cooked, your just BBQing them for extra flavor. No special BBQ sauce... Just use your fave out of the bottle BBQ sauce. While BBQing the ribs, baste with more BBQ sauce.. Depending on how much sauce you like on them :) Finger lickin' good!

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